Eclipse by What If You Stayed Custom Artistic Jewelry


Eclipse Earrings Loops

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Eclipse Ring

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Eclipse Cuff Earring

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Embark on a celestial journey with our Eclipse Collection, where the cosmic dance of the sun and moon meets the raw beauty of arid landscapes and the resilience of the human spirit. Each piece in this collection – from the ethereal earrings to the commanding ring, and the distinctive cuff – is infused with the essence of an eclipse, serving as a symbol of contrast, balance, and renewal.

The Eclipse Collection draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring moments of a solar or lunar eclipse, mirroring the dramatic interplay of light and shadow. This natural phenomenon is paralleled with the textured tones of dry landscapes, capturing the serene yet powerful beauty of the earth’s silent storytelling.

Beyond the visual inspiration, the Eclipse Collection embodies a deeper narrative of personal eclipses – those moments when we find ourselves overshadowed in the vastness of another's presence, be it in love, in career, or in personal growth. Each piece serves as a gentle reminder that, much like the celestial bodies, we too have our time to shine, emerging from the shadows with newfound brilliance and strength.

The Eclipse Collection is not just an adornment but a talisman for anyone who has ever felt eclipsed, a celebration of the inevitable return to light and a testament to the enduring splendor that resides within us all.

Let these pieces be your companions as you navigate the landscapes of your life, reminding you of your inherent luminosity and the unbreakable cycle of resurgence and radiance.

"Alex-Sandrine and I worked together to create a unique pair of earrings that I wanted to wear for my wedding. The earrings were beautiful and delivered very quickly! I received lots of compliments on my wedding day! Thank you, Alex-Sandrine!"

— Amelie Sab