A Breath Of Effervescence

Embark on a journey with the Caviar Collection, where each pearl tells a story of joy, reflection, and triumph, inspired by the effervescent beauty of life beneath the waves—a symbol of strength and elegance for the woman who wears it

A Breath Of Effervescence

When Breathing Salty Waves Triggers Your Creativity

Meet The Caviar Collection

I could be starting with any collection. I just chose Caviar first because it's an easy name to remember. And because it catches everyone's eyes.

Even the men are looking at this collection...

I'm telling you, it's often the first one they will be looking at.

So, if you want your man's attention on you, Caviar.

If you don't want your man's attention on you, still Caviar. But wear your hair down. Or put gloves on...your finger. Not your ears.

Sea Shore With Bubbles and Rocks

Whispers of the Sea

Why have I made that collection...

I made it a few years back, it was a work and patience... All the tiny bubbles are made one by one. It shines as if it's precious stones, it's delicate and organic.

The bubbles aren't in straight lines but more like an amount of oxygens bubbles coming to the surface in the ocean...

You know, I lived 4 wonderful years in Australia, and one of my coarse memory is swimming at dawn or dusk, dive under a wave of clean fresh salt water, and right when the wave has passed over my head...

I come back up, but not too much, and I breath the little effervescent waters bubbles.

Young Woman Sitting on Headlands In Australia With Ocean ViewSilver Handmade Earrings with a Caviar Look

It's full of life, full of iodine, and I loved it.

That was in 2010 and honestly I was 20 years old, I didn't create that collection at that time...

I was too young, not enough life experiences to actually think like I'm thinking right now.

It's later in life, reflecting on our paths, that it came.

The Caviar had signification.

It's all those tiny moments that can be lived without much thinking, but accumulates to create our stories.

It's the joy, the laughter, the moments that you go into contemplation.

Each pearl is a memory, a declaration of your story, worn with pride.

Every pearl stands as a promise: life is an amalgamation of millions of tiny bubbles, each shining in its own light.

I find this collection to be very feminine & kind of serious.

It's like if I see a woman wearing the earrings, she's a boss.

She knows what she's doing, she's in charge. She has great taste and she doesn't doubt. She puts on her strong energy earrings to accomplish a good day of decisions and victories.

Do you have that feeling sometimes?

It can come with your power beautiful pants that fits you perfectly. It can be your power-colour, that when you wear that colour you feel beautiful and that you will have a good day no matter what.

It can also be a jewelry!

What are your caviar memories?

Let's reflect, share with me, I would love to read you...



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