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Taormina Collection

Tanya and Craig From The White Lotus HBO Show On a Vespa In Sicily

Quentin: A world without beauty is not a world I'd want to live in. I'd also die for beauty, wouldn't you?

Tanya: To beauty

-The White Lotus

A Wealthy Caucasian Man Holding Hands with Rich Blond Woman Both in Their Fifties On Yacht On The Sea From Scene of The White Lotus Serie In Sicily

If you're not a fan or yet of the series The White Lotus, sorry for the introduction... I loved that show and I was very happy to see some of the beautiful places of Sicily I've had the chance to visit in it!

Just know the collection isn't inspired from the show, but from memories I have from my time on the island...

It's just, when I watched the show, I was glad that the perception of luxury of Taormina wasn't just my feeling, but the feeling I believe most people get from that place!

Young Mother Holding Her Baby On her Hips While Looking Over The Mediterranean On a Beautiful Sunny Day
My son Paul and I looking over Taormina in Sicily, 2017

Tao really stands out because of its location in the hills and the beauty of it; luxury, breathtaking views of Mount Etna and the expansive sea views.

It's a privileged town full of winding pathways, beauty, history, and richness of Italian culture.

Beautiful Sunny Day In Taormina Looking Over the Town with Terracota Roof Tops and Mount Etna At The Back

The Essence of Taormina

Every pieces of Taormina is handcrafted one by one.

There's no mold for this collection. I want them to be very unique to the wearer.

It's also a process that I love. Very organic, you get to be very close to the fusion, heat of the metal used...

The stones chosen for this collection mirror the opulence and lush landscapes of Sicily.

They represent not just the physical wealth of Taormina but the richness of experience, the depth of its history, and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on its beaches.

Be like Tanya. She wants to glam at every moment of her life

Tanya makes every moment of her life an experience to feel beautiful.

She doesn't keep the nice clothes and beautiful jewelry in a box for "a special moment".

Are you that kind of person, that keeps the "expensive" stuff in a drawer for the "special moments" but that ends up wearing it 1-2 occasions in a life time?

I'm a bit like that for some things, but I wear my jewerly every day, on any occasion, with jeans or a dress.

Because... we never know who we are gonna meet that day, also because it makes me feel great, and it should be worn!

Not left in a box where no one can see it beautifully worn on us!

Let's leave the White Lotus show even if I watched it 3 times...

With the Taormina Collection, I invite you to adorn yourself with pieces that are more than mere accessories.

They are pieces of beauty and uniqueness, designed to make you feel radiant, beautiful, and unparalleled.

Each earring, each necklace, is a jewel meant to be worn proudly, a testament to the fact that, just like Taormina itself, you are without equal.

It is for you – a statement of uniqueness, brilliance, and unparalleled beauty.

And as speaking of which, I got a massive feeling of happiness 2 days ago when I got a picture of a client wearing her What If You Stayed earrings for her professional photo!

A statement look of uniqueness, brilliance, and unparalleled beauty!

This is what I want with my jewelry, for you!

Arrivederci to Taormina, where every piece tells a story, and every story is uniquely yours.

With warmth and amore,


Tanya McCoid And Craig From The White Lotus HBO Show On a Vespa In Sicily
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