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A note from me 

Just about 2 years ago, "What If" (jewelry) did not exist. Or, I should say, there were too many "What ifs?" swirling in all directions in my head. I felt very disconnected from my soul and unsure about what I truly wanted to do with my life. It was as though I was walking next to my body, not living in it. I'm talking about it here, 2 years ago. So you know I'm saying the truth!

Do you know that feeling?

I think I was caught in that gap where you believe you should pursue a path that society deems right, yet you're unclear about your own talents or purpose in life.

Signs were urging me to recenter myself, but I wasn't listening.


I was so stressed out about life and the future that I broke my tooth. I broke my canine.

The hardest tooth in our mouth!


Radiography of a broken canine


Until that day, I decided enough was enough.

I began working with my personal coach, Emilie, who is amazing!

The work we did together was unlike anything I had done before.

3 months later I showed my first image of my brand here.

We ventured into places I didn't want to go alone, exploring cell memory. Everything in my body was screaming for reconnection with art, my voice, and the purpose of life, now.

Then came the name... "What If You Stayed."

I know it's not easy to remember, and it doesn't sound like it's about jewelry, but that’s not the point.

The point is, I create jewelry, but I also create Art and a Voice for women.

I want to share my message.

"What If You Stayed"—what does that evoke for you?

It's okay if it doesn't resonate now....Maybe it will someday.

I'm in my mid-thirties and have lived many experiences so far. I've shed a lot of tears, laughed often, said goodbye to people around the planet, and frequently packed my bags...

Lived 4 years in Australia where it fell like home, a few years in France where I became a mother...

Whether it's a separation, a loss, a job offer, or an invitation, we make choices daily.

Life isn't an easy, flat, straight road. It has its bumps and mountains. Sometimes it feels like crossing an ocean of emotions or difficulties is impossible, but most of us will make it across.

Don't focus solely on the outcomes; start loving the process.

Do you follow me?

Every time I share the name and the reason behind it, I see something light up in others' eyes, and that's why I named my brand as I did!

Behind every piece of jewelry, there's a reason, a meditation, a memory, an explanation.

From the Eclipse collection, which is all about raw textures and landscapes, to how we can all be overshadowed by someone else's energy or a job we don’t fully love—but light always returns, often just when we've learned enough from the experience.

Or the Taormina collection, where I celebrate beauty, brilliance, and uniqueness! I want us to feel absolutely beautiful and unique in who we are!

These are some of the reasons behind "What If You Stayed," and why I create jewels for us!

And you, what's your big wall in your life that gets you from doing what you love every day?

With all my heart and love,


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